What Patients Are Saying*

5 years ago
This is the man for pain management! It has been 3 years and I am still pain free! I am working out, regained my physical fitness and lower back pain free! Thank you Dr. Pearson!
Ahe In Betheda, Md
6 years ago
This was the first time that I saw Dr Li. Very pleasant young man with a great bed side manner ... hope he stays around for awhile .... Not sure who spoke with Jeannette; however, her demeanor has really changed ... She is definitely a keeper ....
6 years ago
Dr. Pearson is off the charts in terms of knowing his craft; the best of the best. I wish there were healthy reasons for going to see him. I have not been back to him in 4 years; I miss his gentle and confident strength. He toltally took care of my lower back pain.
Healthgrades User
7 years ago
All of the staff were very kind, attentive and professional.

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